Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Hive by Gill Hornby

Don't you just love surprises? I know I do!

A Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago a copy of The Hive by Gill Hornby was delivered to my door by the postman. It was in nondescript cardboard packaging with no compliment slip enclosed.

I guess it is a prize from a giveaway I have entered but I had no idea it was coming!

Okay, its not like I am being whisked to Paris or anything but I was still really excited!

It looked promising read; a Sunday Times bestseller and high praised reviews. I couldn't wait to start reading my mysteriously received new novel.

On the whole the book was..okay. It could have done with some more depth of character and some situations seemed to just peter out..  But I find myself asking if I cared not knowing more? Probably not. And that's not like me at all! Predictable outcomes to a tee and it didn't have me laughing out loud or really rooting for anybody really. I would say it is a perfect 'pick up, put down' book for your summer hols but definitely better reads out there in the same genre for your buck.

It was lovely to read a 'real book' again, I have had a kindle for a year now and forgot how nice it is to curl up with a paperback, I must do it more often.


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  1. What a lovely surprise! The cover of the book is a lovely design xx