Sunday, 23 March 2014

Slimming World

I thought I would write a little about Slimming World for my first proper post. Their eating plan (definitely not a diet - you don't need to give up CHIPS!) has completely changed my life.

There are 3 eating plans created by Slimming World; I follow extra easy. The website explains the plan better than I could but as the name suggests it is extremely easy to follow and understand. The best thing about it in my eyes is that nothing is off limits. Barely any measuring, not having to forgo firm favourites like chicken tikka massala and cooked spaghetti carbonara and still being able to lose weight is a dream come true!

On the 1st December 2013 I stepped on my dusty, briefly forgotten bathroom scales. I had never really been overweight before.  I was always wanted to lose a couple of lbs here and there but not medically overweight. I stepped on to the scales and found myself 11 stone 6.5lbs. I couldn't believe it! And this put me in the overweight category for BMI. The lbs had been creeping up while I was enjoying glasses of wine coupled with crisps and creamy dips or my favourite comfort food macaroni cheese just a little bit too regularly. 

I used to attend Slimming World classes and still had the membership pack so I picked them up and had a quick recap and got on my jolly way. That was almost 4 months ago now. Week one I lost 5lbs and I have steadily been losing weight ever since with the odd blip along the way (i'm only human!).  

I have felt really motivated to lose weight this year because I have a holiday to Barcelona booked. If my motivation wavered I think I would attend my local Slimming World group where for £4.95 you are weighed followed by Image Therapy (a helpful group session great for sharing recipe ideas and much needed support and inspiration). But for now I am happy enough to have the money in my pocket and weigh myself in weekly at home. 

I am however surrounded by the best support network over on Instagram.  There are 100s of us on there who post up our weigh ins, meals, snacks and ask each other questions. I don't think I would of done half as well without all the lovely support and chat from the Instagram girls (and boys!) I'm sw_eatclean_lorna on there if you would like to follow me! I follow everyone back except those who I feel are running Pro Anorexia accounts.

So I am now 17lbs lighter and feeling fabulous!  I originally decided I wanted to lose 3 stone, now I am not so sure I want to lose that much. I am comfortably in size 12 trousers (trousers!! Not just stretchy leggings for me now!) and would love to get into some 10s so I will really play it by ear on deciding what my goal is.

                                           LAST NIGHT                              1/12/13                          

Slimming World - you and I make a wonderful team. Long may it continue!

L xxxx

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  1. That sounds good, and well done on the difference! I decided to give up on my 5:2 diet for these two weeks, to be honest, a bit fed up of weighing in the food and counting the calories.